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Pedo Crowns

We design premium quality Pedo Crown which is a dental product designed for children. These crowns are especially made for refilling cavity in teeth. For different types of teeth, such as molar or wisdom teeth a corresponding crown is manufactured. We use high grade stainless steel material for the production of Pedo Crown for ensuring total resistant to rusting. It is used as a cap to ensure protection of damaged teeth. The crown is so designed that it completely covers the tooth visible above the gum. Such Crowns are especially good for encasing a decayed or a fractured tooth.
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Price: 14535 INR/Set

SKU : DM-PL660 Category : Pedo crowns Weight : 1000gm Dental Primary Stainless steel Crown Cap What is a dental crown? A dental crown is a tooth shaped "cap" that is placed over a damaged tooth to provide it protection. A dental crown fully encases the visible portion of the tooth that is exposed above the gum line. How will I know if a crown is necessary? Dental exam procedures and x-rays are used to identify and diagnose the needs of a tooth. Deep decay that is growing between two teeth, or fractured tooth, will often need a dental crown to properly restore and protect the damaged tooth. When is a dental crown necessary? A dental crown may be needed when a large cavity is threatening the health of a tooth. A crown is specifically designed to protect and restore damaged or decayed teeth. A dental crown may be used on a tooth that cannot be adequately restored by a filling, such as when decay is found between teeth or larger decay on a tooth. How does receiving a dental crown work? Local anesthetic will be used around the tooth. The tooth will be prepped on all sides and the decay will be removed. Dental "cement" is used to bond the dental crown to the tooth. The dental crown "cap" will be fitted to restore proper form and function to the damaged tooth. What are the benefits of a dental crown? A dental crown is designed to: Protect a weak tooth from breaking, hold together a cracked tooth, or restore a broken or severely worn down tooth. Restore the full function of a damaged tooth and restore the ability of a patient to chew and speak properly. Help maintain the essential spacing needed so that adult teeth can come in properly. Help reduce the need for more extensive orthodontic treatment later in life. How long will the dental crown provide protection? Dental crowns on a baby tooth are designed to protect the tooth until the adult teeth naturally arrive. Dental crowns on an adult tooth are designed to protect the tooth for many years. There are 48 different sizes of the crown. The meaning of the D is 1st molar The meaning of the E is 2nd molar The meaning of the U and L are upper and lower L and R are left side and right side The number is size of the crown PACKAGE - TOTAL 96 CROWNS Approved Dental Crowns Caps Stainless Steel 96pcs Per Box, High Quality Dental Crowns, Dental Crowns Caps, Dental Crown Primary Molar Crown, pedo crown, low price pedo crown, ss crown, high quality kids crown,kids ss crown, dentmark, dentark,kids crown rfills,chinse kids crown,

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Price: 184 INR/Kit

SKU : DM-Kids Crown Refills Category : Pedo crowns Weight : 3gm SS Crown Primary Molar - DLL2,DLL4,DLL3,DLL5,DLL6,DLL7,DLR2 DLR3,DLR4, DLR5,DLR6, - DLR7, DUL2,DUL3, DUL4,DUL5,DUL6,DUL7,DUR2,DUR3,DUR4,DUR5, DUR6, DUR7,ELL2, ELL3, ELL4,ELL5,ELL6, ELL7

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Dentmark Dental Chinese Kids Crowns Refills

Price: 170 INR
  • Installation Guideline:As Per Instruction
  • Equipment Type:Dental Accessories
  • Condition:New
  • Supply Ability:300000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:3-4 Days

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